Mailchimp Launches All In One Marketing Platform

For years many have relied on Mailchimp for simple and feature rich email marketing. Over the years it has expanded to marketing automation. This week Mailchimp is expanding its marketing suite to include much more, including social posting, marketing calendar, targeting and websites.

More and more companies are quickly moving away from being ONE solution (just websites or just email marketing) but are providing an entire suite of solutions to freelancers and business owners.

Mailchimp's new offerings include:

Organic social post scheduling: With organic social post scheduling, users can schedule social posts to publish at a time that works best for them and their followers. Users can also pause a post to reschedule it or make other changes.

Only available on the new Standard and Premium plans

Marketing calendar (in beta): Users can now have a complete view of their multi-channel marketing campaigns with our new in-app marketing calendar. Currently in beta, the marketing calendar allows users to visualize when and how their campaigns connect them with their audience across all channels. Mailchimp will continue adding more functionality to this. 

Behavioral targeting: Mailchimp’s automation tools enable users to personalize their app's marketing based on user activity in the app. Users can track their customers’ in-app behavior and respond to their actions in real time. Send emails when users hit milestones like downloads, email registration, or plan renewal to drive engagement.

Websites (in beta in mid-November): Mailchimp gives users the ability to build their own websites and purchase unique domains to make landing pages look like a natural extension of their brand, allowing users to start marketing to customers immediately through the Mailchimp platform.

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