LinkedIn Launches Website Analytics Tool. Powerful Data About Your Traffic.

LinkedIn is powerful. It's now extending it's power to your web site. Knowing who is visiting your web site, what they're doing on it, what they're reading on it, and other details is critical to understand how your web site is (or is not) serving your customers.

Just about every digital publisher has Google Analytics installed on their web site, to understand this information.

Newly into the fray is LinkedIn. Their free web site analytics tool will help you understand what types of professionals are coming to your website, giving you a powerful way to tune your marketing to those visitors, and develop better targeting and content for your campaigns.

You can glean 8 bits of data about your web site visitors:

  • Job title

  • Industry

  • Job seniority

  • Job function

  • Company

  • Company size

  • Location

  • Country

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