Learn How to Market from Your Smartphone: What You Need to Know about Google’s Latest Marketing Tool

Learn How to Market from Your Smartphone

What You Need to Know about Google’s Latest Marketing Tool - Primer

Most small businesses see Google as an integral part of any marketing campaign. Since the company holds almost 68 percent of the search engine marketing share, the power of the social media platform is impossible to ignore. But Google has made an effort to help businesses better utilize its services through Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

Google is taking its support for businesses a step further with Primer. Interestingly, the company launched the app for iOS rather than its own Android operating system, but support for Android is coming soon. Designed specifically for startups but helpful for all businesses, Primer offers jargon-free advice on reaching new customers using case studies, insider tips, and interactive quizzes. If wondering whether Google’s latest tool would be a good addition to your app collection, here are a few things you should know about Primer.

Five-Minute Advice

Realizing business owners have limited spare time, Google Prime is designed to be used in five minutes or less. Users don’t even have to have a 4G or WiFi connection to use the app. It works completely offline. This makes it ideal for those times when a professional is waiting for the subway or on a long flight.

Closing the Gap

To capture the best tips, Google worked in partnership with marketing professionals, who shared their own experiences. The app was created to address what Google perceives as a widened gap between rookies and seasoned pros—a gap it says is caused by the use of its ad-tech products. By launching Primer, Google can utilize the knowledge of seasoned pros to help small businesses and startups who may not have the marketing budget of a larger, more established business.

Three Categories

When a user launches Google Primer, he’s asked to choose between three types of comment to be primed on: content marketing, PR and media, and search advertising. Once a choice has been made, the user steps through a series of marketing lessons, also being quizzed on what he or she already knows. Each lesson is designed to help users come up with ideas they can put to use in growing their own businesses.

A Google Ad Primer

The media has been somewhat critical of Google’s latest offerings, but the company states on the app’s website that it is currently working on stocking the app with helpful advice. The suggestions are still fairly basic as the company continues to build the app. One comment being made consistently is that the app will stand to benefit Google, as well, with startups learning more about the company’s ad-tech options.

This free tool is another example of Google’s goal of being a fundamental part of forming and growing a business. Android users can sign up on the Google Primer site to be notified when the app is available for their operating system but iOS users can get started right away. As the app grows and more content is added, users will have new reasons to continue to launch the app whenever they have spare time.

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