How Keap Encourages Success During COVID-19 [Bonus Tips Included]

The coronavirus outbreak wreaked havoc on most small businesses. Disrupted supply chain, reduced customer demand, and dried cashflow were just a few of the many implications of COVID-19.

Though small businesses are now recovering, it was a bumpy ride for the first few months - during and post lockdowns. Keap Going Small Business Grant Contest encouraged many small businesses to stay afloat in such an unprecedented crisis. What's more, Keap also launched various other helpful programs to support the small business community.

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Keap Going Small Business Grant Contest

The company reacted to the coronavirus pandemic quickly. It created a fund of $100,000 to help small businesses hardest hit by the pandemic.

In this program, small business owners could apply for a $500 "Keep Going Grant". The grant didn’t include only money. Keap also provided small business owners with a Growth Plan to survive and grow during the pandemic.

After the launch of the Keap Going Small Business Grant Contest in March, the company helped 200 small businesses, awarding them $500 each.

Businesses that received Keap’s grant utilized it in many inspiring ways, which included but not limited to:

  • Making events and annual conferences virtual
  • Using tools to stay connected with customers
  • Taking their business online
  • Continuing to pay employees

Considering businesses used the grant money creatively, the company launched round 2 of Keap Going Small Business Grant Contest. Round 2 aimed at providing 100 small businesses with a $1000 grant. And 50% of total grant money ($50,000) was allocated to black-owned businesses.

Both the rounds of the Keap Going Small Business Grant Contest were open to customers and non-customers.

Clate Mask, CEO & Cofounder, Keap, said in his prepared statement,

As part of our Core Values at Keap, we say all the time ‘We face challenges with optimism'. I know this amazing Keap Community will do just that as we work together to help small businesses succeed.

In addition to the grant, Keap also launched other programs to help small businesses during COVID-19.

Here are quick highlights:

1. Free Educational Webinars

Keap offered proven methods to help small businesses create a plan to grow their businesses through free daily webinars.

2. Free Office Hours with Experts

Keap customers could talk to experts each weekday from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. (PDT). During these calls, customers would get advice on how to do more in less.

3. Additional, Free Expert Coaching for New Customers

New customers of Keap would get extra hour/s of coaching, depending on their plans.

4. Free Daily Automation Hour for Customers

The company provided daily workshops on implementing automation to its customers for free.

With these get going programs, Keap has tried to help the small business community successfully navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

Two Big Tips for Small Business Success from Keap's CEO

It is true that the coronavirus affected 80% of small businesses. Uncertainty has loomed over the small business landscape.

How will you keep going in these times?

Here are two tips from the CEO of Keap company:

1. Watch Your Thoughts

Entrepreneurship is all about finding solutions to the audience's problems. The path to entrepreneurial success is filled with obstacles. So you should not let negative thoughts take hold of you. Instead, focus on finding ways to adapt to the new normal.

In an interview with Ramon Ray, Clate Mask said,

Small business success is 90% between the ears, it's how we think, and the thoughts that we have lead to our words lead to our actions lead to the habits and outcomes that we achieve.

2. Work for Your Customers

In these difficult times, your customers need you more than ever. So you need to figure out ways to serve them better. If you take care of your customers, they will take care of your business.

In his interview, Clate emphasized serving customers,

.. it's just go to work and serve your customers. It's find out what they need, what are their challenges, how can you be of service to them?

You can check the full interview below to know more tips on how to get going in these tough times.

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