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Smart Hustle Marketing Conference 2021: Jeff Sieh will Help You Use Podcasts to Increase Sales

Podcasting has received tons of traction over the years. Why shouldn’t it? Podcasting offers multiple benefits to businesses. Podcasts can build relationships with your audience, podcasts are highly engaging, podcasts are easy-to-create, and more. Have you ever thought that you can leverage podcasts to increase sales? Jeff Sieh is going to share how to use podcasts to increase sales at Smart Hustle Marketing Conference 2021.

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Who is Jeff Sieh?

Jeff Sieh

Jeff Sieh is a globally recognized visual marketing consultant. He has worked with well-known brands. Social Media Examiner, Tailwind, Guy Kawasaki, and Kim Garst are just a few to name.

He is an international speaker and founded Manly Pinterest Tips. Also, he is a host and producer of Social Media News Live – a weekly live show. In this show, he interacts with industry experts and leaders about the latest social media updates.

What You Can Learn from Jeff Sieh

Jeff Sieh will help you understand what you need to consider while starting a podcast for your business. Also, you can learn a thing or two about how to use podcasts to sell your products/services.

You can expect to learn targeting a specific audience and differentiating your format to stand out from the crowd.

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