Ignition Video Series: Stacey Harris on Developing a Social Media Plan That Works


Ignition Video Series: Stacey Harris on Developing a Social Media Plan That Works

As many entrepreneurs know, social media plays such an important role when it comes to marketing for your business. With so many different platforms to choose from and a limitless amount of audiences to target, the number of possibilities on social media are endless. So how do entrepreneurs know where to start?  In this episode of IgnitionSocial Media Strategist, Stacey Harris shares her tips and advice on how you can develop a social media plan that works for your business.

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Question of the Week: “I run my own dental practice and we have been using social media, mostly Facebook and Twitter and I noodle with Instagram sometimes, for at least a year but we get close to no response. We have a younger guy in the office who does most of it but I try to post occasionally. I’m at the point where I’m considering shutting it down all together because it’s become a time suck in return for a few random likes. But, I also hear that social media can do wonders for your business. Is this true? Am I just wasting my time? Or, is there an actual plan that I could put in place that would not take up tons of time and would actually pay off?”

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Stacey shares that, yes, instead of throwing random posts on to the internet and hoping that they will stick, there is  a plan that can be put into action. Here are a few of the key strategies that she shares:

Who are you marketing to?

In this situation, the business is local so it makes sense to market locally. Instead of trying to create a presence across every social media platform, focus on two platforms that you know can help your business.  For example, when marketing locally, instead of using Instagram and Twitter it would be more beneficial to use Facebook and Google Place pages.  These will not only improve your social media presence but can also help increase your SEO.

What time of day are posting?

Think about the audience that you are trying to reach and when the ideal times to reach them is.  For example, in this situation, dentists are probably more likely to check social media in the afternoon or evening when they are done with work.  So, instead of posting in the morning, it makes more sense to post your content in the evening when they are more likely to see it.

What are you posting?

One of the most important things to remember when posting on social media is to keep it engaging.  Connect with your audience in a way that makes your company stand out while staying true to your business and brand.

To hear more of Stacey's tips and advice on how to develop a social media plan for you business click here.

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