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Vimeo CMO to Talk About Humanizing and Personalizing Your Brand at Smart Hustle Marketing Conference 2021

There is tough competition out there. Regardless of your business domain, you are going to face competitors that are tirelessly trying to outgrow you. If you want to grab the attention of your potential clients, you have to stand out from the crowd. And humanizing and personalizing your brand can help you do so.

Don’t know how to add the human and personal touch to your marketing? Harris Beber is going to share practical insights on the topic at Smart Hustle Marketing Conference 2021.

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Who is Harris Beber?

Harris Beber.

Haris Beber is currently working as a Chief Marketing Officer at Vimeo. He is globally known as a growth evangelist. In addition to leading marketing efforts at Vimeo, Harris has been sharing marketing tips with his audience for a long.

He believes,

Marketers have always had to find ways to break through the noise. But today they have to do more than just convey a message or value prop. Marketers need to build deeper, lasting connections with customers— which is not an easy thing to do— and it needs to happen within 3 seconds before they scroll past you to the next thing.

Harris is an early morning person and a cycling enthusiast.

What You Can Learn from Harris Beber

Humanizing and personalizing your brand goes beyond showing off your staff, sharing the funny/relatable sides of your staff, and hiring a community manager.

As a business owner, you should write with personality, share failure stories, send emails/letters to your customers, and more to add a human touch to your brand.

At Smart Hustle Marketing Conference 2021, Harris Beber is expected to share practical tips that you can implement right away. He is helping Vimeo grow. So you can rest assured that he knows a thing or two about what he is going to discuss at the conference.

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