Facebook Rolls Out New Features for Veterans

As the U.S. takes today to celebrate heroes all across the Nation, we would like to share some valuable resources to give back to those who’ve helped so many. Access Brand Communications has teamed up with Facebook to create new ways for veterans to find jobs and assist their family members while they are away.

Here are some of their brand new resources:

The Military and Veterans Hub

This is a resource for members and veterans to help them continue to build their community and network, find job opportunities, and enhance their digital skills through Facebook. You can access the website here.



Access Brand Communications is also teaming up with SCORE. SCORE is one of the largest supporting networks of America’s veterans, full of volunteers and experts in the field. Military spouses and their families will provide education and mentoring to those in the veteran community who dream of becoming entrepreneurs. The partnership will be providing a mentorship program along with a veteran-focused educational toolkit and workshops. 


AR/VR Engineering Program 

This will be a 12-month career development pilot program for veterans with a background in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science. This will give veterans an opportunity to solve global challenges and continue to make a difference.

All of these programs serve as an extension of Access Brand Communication’s ongoing commitment to the military and veterans community. They have also worked with veteran entrepreneurs such as Frank Diaz, a twice-retired vet who opened Tin Hut BBQ. A mobile restaurant specializing in gourmet mainland barbeque that travels to local Honolulu barracks daily to provide fresh food to active military members.

We would like to thank all active and former Veterans for their hard work, dedication, and love for our Nation.

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