Use Chat To Respond Fast To Customers. Facebook Messenger Upgrades.

So you've got a customer (or a potential customer) who has a question and they're on your website. How fast you respond to them could be the different between a sale or not. Chat is a powerful way to quickly respond to customer queries. Today Messenger from Facebook is announcing an upgrade to it's Chat Plugin, which helps businesses reach more people than ever before, even customers not logged into Facebook.

This is a big deal.

Although just about everyone on the planet has Facebook, many people do not or are not logged in to it.

“Having an open line of communication with our customers gives them a sense of confidence from the browsing stage to final checkout,” said Ryan Pamplin, CEO of BlendJet. “We noticed that customers who engage with us are three to four times more likely to checkout. With the Chat Plugin allowing us to reach more customers, we’ve tripled our sales since offering it as a customer engagement channel.”

Is chat for every single business? Maybe not. However, if you're an ecommerce business it's something you should definitely consider.

With just a few clicks in Facebook Page settings you can add chat to your website.

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