Facebook Launches New Call to Action Feature for Business Pages

Facebook Launches New Call to Action Feature for Business Pages

Facebook launched their Call to Action (CTA) feature for business pages over three months ago, making now a perfect time to ask: have you tried out the new feature, how are you using it, and what kind of results are you seeing? If you didn’t know about it, or haven’t tried it yet, there’s no need to fret. In this article we’ll cover the basics of what the CTA Facebook feature is, how you can set it up, and some ideas on how to best utilize the Facebook CTA for your business.

What Is the Facebook CTA Button?

The CTA button is positioned next to the Like button your business Facebook page, over the background image. If you haven’t set it up yet, the button says “Create a Call to Action.” After you click that button you’ll be presented with the steps to set it up.

The CTA button is a portal for you to direct your followers to a certain business page in order to encourage sales, newsletter signups and more.

Setting up Your Facebook CTA

Start out by clicking the “Create a Call to Action” button. You then get to choose from a list of predetermined actions. Unfortunately you do not have the ability to customize your own CTA, but you can choose from these options:

      • Book Now
      • Contact Us
      • Use App
      • Play Game
      • Shop Now
      • Sign Up
      • Watch Video

Choose which CTA button you want to display on your Facebook page, then enter the website address where people will be directed. You also have the ability to choose a mobile website and to choose destinations for iOS and Android users.

Once set up, the “Create a Call to Action” button will be replaced with the CTA that you chose, and when a fan clicks it they will be taken to your specified CTA page.

Ideas on Using the CTA Button

In general, you should choose the CTA that will be most beneficial to your business, but here are some ideas:

  • Sign Up – This should be the default option for most businesses; what a great way to build your email list! You can link to your general newsletter, or even create a special landing page where you offer a download, ebook, or other free resource or offer in order to encourage sign ups.
  • Contact Us – This is an opportunity to boost your customer service. Many people are using social media to connect with companies and this CTA makes it even easier for them to reach you. This is a good choice for brick and mortar businesses with no online sales, or for businesses who are currently focused more on customer service than list building.
  • Shop Now – If you sell products or services online, this may be the CTA button for you. You can link to your main shop, a specific category, a new product, or even a new targeted landing page (perhaps even with a special FB fan discount code).
  • Book Now – A perfect CTA for any appointment-based businesses and consulting companies.
  • Watch Video – Create a video that tells your business’ story, and use this CTA to let people truly meet your company. This CTA can also work if you have a video about a new product, service, or campaign.

These ideas will get you started, but be creative in regards to what CTA and specific link will work for your business. After you set up your CTA button, also check to make sure that the button stands out and doesn’t get lost with your background picture, and that your link works properly.

Measuring Results & Testing Options

You can view the results of your CTA by looking at the THIS WEEK stats on the right side of your Facebook page. This section has numbers for your likes and reach, and then you will see your CTA listed with the number of clicks it has received.

Knowing your statistics can help you explore CTAs, since your business could likely use and benefit from a number of the Facebook CTAs offered. Record your weekly statistics in a file, and test out a button for 2-3 weeks minimum to understand its performance before switching to a new CTA. Over time and trials you can discover the CTA that resonates best with your fans.

If you’ve set up your Facebook CTA – which button did you choose and what kind of results are you seeing? Or if you haven’t set up your CTA yet – which CTA button looks best for your business? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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