Customer Experience Marketing. It's Even More Important Today.

Many of us business owners are quite familiar with with sending emails to our customers, email marketing. We're also very familiar with the need to post to social media. However, what about the customer experience. It's time to go beyond marketing as usual, even in these challenging times. Recently I spoke with Adam Johnson of Active Campaign who shared with me on the importance of customer experience marketing.

We know we need to start with content and in fact a key part of that strategy is to start with video, however, there's more than every business owner can do.

It's about not just understand that a customer bought red pair of socks, it's also about knowing what they were interested in after that purchase. Sure marketing automation can play a role in this, but a deeper marketing is mapping even more of the customer experience.

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Adam suggested that business owners do a few things:

1. Understand who your customers are and gather data.
2. Using marketing tools understand BIG MOMENTS of engagement. Find out how they interact your website, how often they buy from you and etc.
3. If you can capture customer information then you can personalize your message.
4. The tools you use are important but the strategy is important as well.

On a recent webinar I hosted with the Small Business Expo many people asked what kind of messaging they should convey in these challenging times and turmoil the country's going through. Adam said it's important to, be empathetic and be human.

Adam, said one thing NOT to do is to STOP MARKETING.

You should keep marketing and ensuring your customers (and non customers) know you are there for them and that you have solutions they need.

Indeed maybe they're not buying NOW but remember the Covid19 epidemic and the panic it's causing won't always be here. It will be over.

When people start buying again and their attention is more or less back to business, you'll want them to remember you.

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