Creative Tips for Posting on Facebook and Twitter

Creative Tips for Posting on Facebook and Twitter

Anyone who manages social media accounts for their business has had that moment where they just don’t know what they should be posting on Facebook and Twitter. You read all the guides and top tips, but if the creative juices aren’t flowing, it becomes a real task and a heavy burden. What do my followers want to see? What will encourage engagement? How do I come up with something new and exciting? When do I post and how often? These are all questions we ask ourselves and struggle with. Fortunately, the folks over at GroSocial have some great tips and suggestions to get us over the hump and back on track!

In a blog by Matt Broderick on the GroSocial Blog site, he shares a simple posting schedule with a daily theme that is open and flexible and can be used to help you create posts without additional stress.  The daily themes include:

  • Big Ideas – Share expert advise or a short quote
  • Humor – Share a comic, humorous image, meme or phrase
  • Interaction – Ask a question, share a photo contest or quiz, or post a fill-in-the-blank sentence
  • Current News – Share POSITIVE news about your business, your industry or your community
  • Giving Back – Feature customers, launch / share a giveaway, or make a coupon or discount available
  • Day in the Life – Share candid photos from your business or feature an employee
  • Education – Tell people about your product, what it can do, or teach people how to use it better

Here’s  how the weekly posting schedule looks:

Matt reminds us in his blog that each audience is different, so the days of the week assigned above are only examples and should be used as a guide. There are two things that should be kept in mind, though, when creating your schedule:

1. Wednesday is the worst day for posting, so you probably do not want to assign your most important posts to the middle of the week

2. Posts on Saturday and Sunday tend to receive more interaction, but less reach.

Ramon Ray, editor of, provides another great resource for learning the in’s and out’s of Facebook for business and, of course, his book, ‘The Facebook Guide To Small Business Marketing’ is a must for any business looking to create a successful Facebook business page.

As someone who manages social media accounts for a number of different clients across many industries, I know first hand how difficult creating unique content can be and I’m definitely going to give this schedule a try to see if it pumps up my creativity!  How about you? Thinking about giving it a try? Let us know how it works for you or any other great solutions you’ve come across in the comments below.

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