Coronavirus and Businesses. 5 Things You Should Know.

The coronavirus is of concern to the entire world. We're not only just hearing about it in some far off city in China but it's reach our boarders and the CDC says we should expect it to increase in the USA. Many of use are concerned about how this virus could impact our family and us personally, but what about coronavirus and businesses - your business.

What should businesses do? What should your family do?

Coronavirus and Businesses

Based on what I can gather there's a few things we should all consider.

  1. Don't panic. But be prudent.
  2. Stock up on some food items and water now, while everything is calm, and hopefully stays that way. I remember a few days during Hurricane Sandy when gas longs were long and tempers were short. I've never been in that situation before.
  3. Review your business systems, procedures and operations. Consider your cash reserves, clients and team/employees.
  4. What can you do remotely, to still have client meetings, team meetings and operate your business.
  5. What contingencies should you consider and be thinking of to operate your business with limited travel - globally, nationally and locally.

Of course frequently wash your hands, maybe do a slight bow and avoid even shaking hands.

Those of us who travel for a living, let's be cautious of how we sneeze, how we cough, what we touch and who we are around.

Please read up on this virus. be sure to review a variety of authentic and respected sources.

Wall Street Journal writes

The WHO says the virus is transmitted by droplets, and only lives on surfaces for short periods, perhaps 30 minutes. It’s similar in that regard to seasonal influenza. If you are concerned, wipe down surfaces you are going to touch on airplanes or other public spaces, such as hotel rooms.

Paper surgical masks are effective at keeping you from spreading disease if you are sick, but not effective at blocking you from ingesting virus. For that, health experts recommend an N95 respirator—a heavy-duty mask.

Picture - Ramon wearing face mask and gloves to visit a friend in a hospital before coronavirus was reported.

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