Is PowerPoint Dead? Canva Presentaions Thinks So.

For years many of us have created our "Power Points" using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Increasingly more and more companies are enabling people to create digital slides without Power Point.

These new slides are often easier to use than than Power Point and often look better.

Canva recently launched a new presentation experience which enables you to use Canva to create slides built for a mobile first world.

Of course many use Canva to design images for social media, printed signs and etc.

For Canva, a mobile first world means a few things:

  • Your presentation won't only look good on large wall in a conference room, but also on a small smartphone screen
  • If you're sharing with other presenting you can put them all in one folder and Canva will help you play them all
  • Third party assets are important. With Canva you can embed Youtube videos, GIFs, Google Maps and more
  • Live Q&A is a powerful part of Canva's new feature set as well

Other "power point" killers include Zoho Show, Beautiful and Prezi



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