Are You Showing Enough Differentiation In Your Services? Instant Delivery Services Battle In Urban Areas

Are You Showing Enough Differentiation in Your Services? Instant Delivery Services Battle in Urban Areas

Competition is good, it really is. Competition validates what you are selling and helps to mature the market place for what you're selling.

On the other hand, it's competition which drives down your prices, steals your customers and takes away your best employees.

In a recent article, the Wall Street Journal covers the growth of same day services in densely populated areas. These same day service startups offer a competitive difference from retail stores and other retail options.

It got me thinking - is your business insulated enough against your competition? Are you offering enough differentiation to make your offering the first thought in your customer's minds?

Smart companies and ones who are built to last ensure that they're not just prepared for what's happening today, but they're aware of and ready for the future. Uber is a great example of a company which is not just leveraging "apps" to hail a car service, but it's also looking towards the future. This includes driver less cars, Uber drivers delivering goods, and more.

There's always going to be a new company, a new service, a new technology or a new evolution of culture which will challenge your business.  Is your business ready for these changes and looking ahead enough to meet the challenges of the future?

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