7 Things. Customer Service Is and Will Always Be Most Important - #SMMW2019 #SMMW19

I got back earlier this morning from Social Media Marketing World 2019, in San Diego. It was epic and in fact I already bought my ticket for 2020.

Beyond the networking and connecting with a plethora of amazing people, I learned a lot.

  1. Andrew and Pete stressed that we cannot do everything. Instead focus on doing doing ONE thing remarkable well instead of 10 things half baked. So for example. Why not do your best to do ONE Facebook video a week and ROCK THAT. Or do ONE blog post a month - that's substantive and of deep service for your readers.
  2. Mark Schaefer gave such a powerful closing keynote on the importance of letting your customers DRIVE your marketing and integrating them MORE into it and following their lead. For example, how the North Face knows its customers very well and has their videos and etc all about their customers.

This got me thinking a lot more about the POWER of getting closer to our customers. I talk about this in my book Celebrity CEO and share how we should focus on NICHE and focused markets and be well known in a SMALLER community, instead of trying to market to EVERYONE.

It all goes back to customer service.

7 things you can do?

  1. Be thankful
  2. Look for ways to say thank you
  3. Have fun and engineer moments of delight
  4. Train your staff
  5. Interview your customers
  6. Call customers
  7. Spend time working INSIDE their business


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