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5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Pinterest Presence

5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Pinterest Presence

When Pinterest started out, it was known as a platform for soccer moms to find recipes and craft ideas. My, how times have changed! Pinterest now sees over one million users every day (including a growing number of male users) and is being used as a marketing tool by small and large businesses alike. A few reasons why businesses are embracing Pinterest:

So if you are like many small business owners, you have explored using Pinterest as a social media marketing channel and are eager to learn the latest strategies that will help you boost your efforts. To help you out we’ve gathered our favorite Pinterest solutions from the Business Circle to show you how you can get even more out of your Pinterest presence.

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Group Boards

This solution from Jennifer Peaslee explains how you can get more eyes on your Pinterest pins by using group boards. Group boards are boards in which multiple people are invited to pin. If you can find a group board and get an invite, you can see amazing results since these boards often have thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers. In her solution, she talks about how you can use a tool called PinGroupie to get started with group boards.

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Pinterest Buy Buttons

This solution from Carolyn Crummey is perfect for businesses that sell products online using Shopify. We already know that Pinterest users use the platform to research and plan purchases – now with Pinterest’s Buyable Pins you can add a ‘Buy It’ button to your product pins so people can make a purchase instantly with their Apple Pay or credit card. In her solution, Carolyn explains how Buyable Pins works and how easy it is to get started.

Highlighting Your Pinterest Presence on Your Website

This solution from Jennifer Peaslee will help you spread the word that you are on Pinterest so your website visitors can join in the fun. Using the Pinterest Widget Builder, you can create widgets to add to your website sidebar or into blog posts, including follow widgets, board widgets, profile widgets and more. In the solution, you will learn more about how to use these widgets to turn website visitors into your Pinterest brand ambassadors.

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Managing Your Pinterest Account

This solution from Rieva Lesonsky will help you effectively manage your Pinterest account without needing to put in a lot of extra time and money. In the solution, she explains how she uses Tailwind to post and schedule pins in bulk. This will minimize the time you spend managing your Pinterest page while keeping the page active every day.

Promoted Pins

In this solution by Jennifer Peaslee, you’ll learn how to reach a wider audience on your most popular pins via the Pinterest advertising platform Promoted Pins. You can use the platform to promote your best blog posts or to show off your hottest products. The solution also discusses how you can measure your campaign results such as impressions, clicks and the demographics of your followers.

Setting up your Pinterest account and engaging in ‘regular’ social media marketing is a nice first step. However, to truly see results you need to explore the marketing strategies that are specific to Pinterest. Get started with these solutions from the Business Circle and if you need help with other social media marketing questions, check out the Solutions home page to find the answers you’re looking for.


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