5 Things To Do When Facebook Goes Down (the next time). How To Thrive!

Yesterday, Facebook, Instagram and What's App were down.

The world was going crazy. My wife was antsy, I even got a phone call asking me if the world was "ok".

For sure many businesses in developed countries leverage some aspect of social media for their marketing and customer engagement.

However, there's many things you can do when social media goes down. Here's a few things.

  1. It's a great time to STOP posting images and watching videos and get work done
  2. Phone calls - use the time to call key clients
  3. Have a staff meeting and tell your team how much you appreciate them
  4. What about taking the time to type a LONG form blog post on something that's important to your customers or fan base
  5. Email - email marketing STILL works and is STILL powerful. Leverage it.

We all love social media, however, the world does not have to stop because your social media goes down you can STILL get work done, still connect with customers and still do things to get new customers.

But yes, I'm glad that Facebook is back!

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