4 Website Design Trends Small Business Should Follow

4 Website Design Trends Small Business Should Follow

Today’s digital economy requires a strong website in order to succeed. In addition, the trends are changing and in turn, so are the client’s needs. Businesses often focus on their products or services; yet do not grasp the importance of staying on the cutting edge of website design trends. Persistence is key to digital marketing success—just remember that you have to mix up your strategies from time to time.

Create a strong digital footprint by utilizing your digital channels the right way. Stay relevant to encourage more conversions.

Here are four prominent website design trends small businesses should follow this year:

Grid Layouts

Web designers are simulating Pinterest’s famous grid-like layouts. Product-based businesses can use a grid layout to make the experience better for users and can, in turn, help you grow your business. Grid layouts make it easier for users to view each item one by one in an organized matter.

Video Backgrounds

Bid farewell to traditional image sliders and make the switch to video this year. The response has been remarkable for businesses such as PayPal who have made the change. Just remember that the background video should be balanced in size and quality. People don’t want to wait too long for the page to load – 40 percent of visitors will leave if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost, or “hollow” buttons are up and coming – people love them. They are transparent -- yet still manage to successfully attract the users’ eyes. Ghost buttons improve the user experience and are best suited to websites and applications that have a flat user interface or those which use large-scale photo background. There are tools available to better design and implement these designs more quickly.

Non-Existent Large Header Background Images

The last handful of years, we’ve seen a surge of large header background images, typically with text over it. This is what most visitors see as soon as they arrive at your site. To stand out, do the opposite. Recent design sites are fighting this trend. Instead, some designs sites are keeping their large headers with the background free of images. This changes also helps the performance and site speed. The need for sites to be more rapid and perform impeccably-- with no lag time ---drives today’s design decisions.

Professional High Quality Custom Photography

Stock imagery still holds its place in design. However, most new websites opt to skip stock photos and instead share high quality and original professional photography that is customized to the website and its purpose.

These are just a few of many emerging web design trends that have been rising in popularity. As a small business, it’s a good idea to broaden your horizons and consider implementing some new trends into your business strategy and hopefully maximizing your online presence.

Which web design trends have you applied to your small business strategy?

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