3 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit from a Business Blog

If you are one of those small business owners who find yourself wondering how some entrepreneurs get loads of engagement and business online, you aren’t alone.

It seems that you have mastered the secrets of powerful Facebook advertising for small business. You don’t know what else you could do on Twitter to help your small business succeed. Yet they have more business, close more deals, and generate more leads.

So what are they doing that you aren’t? The answer may surprise you. They’re probably blogging. Those small business owners probably make the most of their small business blog to build an engaged online following.

A small business blog is an effective marketing tool you have at your fingertips. Cut and dry, if you aren’t blogging, you aren’t making the money you could be.  Business owners often fail to notice the potential gains blogging can offer. In reality, blogging is often very effective at producing lead after lead for small businesses. In fact, 81 percent of online consumers in the United States trust what they read on blogs.

If you still aren’t quite sure why you should spend time on your business blog, take a look at these ways to utilize your business blog to produce more business, gain credibility, and help prospects find your business online.


You are probably aware that there’s basically no reason to have a powerful website if no one ever sees it.  A key to getting traffic is ensuring people can find your website. Search engine optimization is one thing that small business owners can’t push aside if they want a strong online presence.

Having helpful content on your site boosts your pages ranking for specific keywords.  That’s why blogging is so important and where it comes into play. Due to Google’s algorithms, relevant content online will rank your website higher. Over time, your website may make its way to the first page of search results. In addition, people will remember your business and website if you produce high-quality content.

Engage With Your Customers

It’s important for every online business to master the art of engagement. Whether you are working on ways to promote your business at a local level or want to reach a wider audience, you should do more than create really great content.

To truly engage with your customers, you have to mingle with them as frequently as possible. Maximize your success by interacting with your audience instead of talking at them. Have continuous conversations so you can really get to know your readers, and give them a chance to know who you are, too.

Communicate Your Mission

Always remember that an important component of branding is your purpose. You need to be true to your brand and show it in a manner that gives your audience a way to connect emotionally.

Blogging is one opportunity that gives you the ability to show others your purpose. It’s important to establish a powerful brand presence. As you communicate your exact purpose to others, you set yourself apart from your competitors in a positive way that makes people want to support you.

So, bottom line, if you are hoping to expand your online presence, it’s a no-brainer to always create and share high-quality content. Your blog is one of the best ways to do that, and it’s worth every minute of work you put into it. Anything you can do to bring value to your readers is something you should think about adding to your daily to-do list.

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