3 Creative Ways to Make Boring Topics Interesting

Making a boring topic more engaging can be extremely difficult if you don’t approach it the right way. But there are actually plenty of avenues you can take to help improve your reader engagement.

Here are three creative ways to make your “boring” topics more interesting to readers. Make sure you use a combination of these methods to get the best results over time.

Make Your Topic Personal

There’s no better way to get someone engaged on a topic than to make it personal. Individuals want to feel a connection to the information they’re receiving. One of the best ways to do this is to localize the topic that you’re covering.

For example, if you have a topic that you want to convey to a reader. Give it in the context of their community. A statistics topic could be described using a real-life example from a local sports team.

NationServe, garage door specialists in America, published a post, “Style by State: Houston Strong,” where they wrote about the style and trends of Houston’s garage doors, as well as the recent tragedy of Hurricane Harvey, and how are they helping the community.

Leverage Seasonal Trends

Another great way to boost a topic and make it more relatable is to apply it to a seasonal event or time-period. Readers often relate to topics that are closely tied to the season they are in. If it’s Christmas time, make your topic related to Christmas festivities or traditions.

Content is often best when it ties into the feelings an individual is having in the present moment. Connect your topic to festive moments that people will be able to easily relate to. Using this sentiment to your advantage is a great way to increase engagement.

Creative Door recently published a post about when should homeowners replace their garage doors. The purpose of the post is to help homeowner decide between a garage door repair or getting a brand new garage door. The content is valuable, but the topic is not that interesting, so they tied it up to New Year and turned it into one of those popular year-end resolutions posts—home improvement version.

Connect Your Topic To Current Events

Our last creative suggestion for making your content engaging is to tie it to a trending topic. Current events are a great way to help spruce up a subject that might otherwise be considered boring. Depending on your topic, you can tie it into current events surrounding sports, news, politics, and celebrity gossip.

Upfitness shares, “Consumers are very engaged with modern trends and topics. Using these topics to help convey a message can often catch readers’ attention.” As personal trainer in Los Angeles, they assess which types of trends their target readers are most likely to be interested in before choosing a subject.

Always Keep the Reader Engaged

No matter how you approach your content, you need to make sure that you keep the reader engaged. Boring topics don’t have to be boring—they just need a bit of context. If you give your content relatable context, your target readers will likely enjoy your piece.

Think about the way that teachers made topics enjoyable when you were younger. The best teachers were those who were able to provide interesting context to boring subjects. Give your readers an easy way to stay focused on the information you provide them.

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