11 Big Tips for A Perfect Pitch On Shark Tank or Anywhere from #GROWCO15

11 Big Tips for A Perfect Pitch On Shark Tank or Anywhere from #GROWCO15

Shark Tank is awesome. Millions of us watch each week as the entrepreneurs brave the glare of the studio lights and the 5 sharks. It's great entertainment, but more so, it's chock full of great lessons for entrepreneurs, professionals and everyone in between.

At #GROWCO15, INC magazines three day event for entrepreneurs, two "contestants" who appeared on the show, Sharon Su (Magic Cook) and Morri Chowaiki (Hanukkah Tree Topper), shared some big tips for giving the perfect pitch to the Sharks. But their advice isn't just for someone standing in front of the Sharks, it's applicable to anyone giving a PITCH and looking for an investment.

Here's their tips and check out the video below of their hot tips for the perfect pitch.

  1. Memorize your pitch
  2. Be interesting and memorable
  3. Know your numbers inside and out
  4. Explain your product well. If people don't get it quick, you've failed
  5. If some elements of your pitch are not perfect - fix those elements.
  6. Practice and get your pitch right
  7. People invest in people they like
  8. Explain why people would want your product
  9. Be ready to answer challenges
  10. Explain your plan for growth
  11. Speak short and succinct bullet points

Watch the full video here or below.


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