How Zoho Is Making AI A Seamless and a Powerful Part of Your Business

At last week's annual ZohoDay, we heard from Zoho evangelists on how AI is an critical part of Zoho's efforts to make it products and therefore the day to day lives of its customers more productive and smarter.

Oftentimes, we hear of AI as something that very big companies are using, creating and deploying. But for smaller companies that is often NOT the case.

AI in corporate use has been active for many years and each year it grows in use and maturity.

We, as smaller companies, don't have the time or money or knowledge to create our own AI solutions. This is in fact where companies like Zoho come in.

Embedded into many Zoho solutions is AI that you might not even notice, and this is how it should be.

Let's take a look at just one, small example, sentiment analysis. This science enables the computer, "the robots", to help you determine, at scale, what incoming messages are positive and which ones might not be so positive. Being able to quickly understand that sentiment of incoming messages will help you pay MORE attention to the customers who are not having a great experience or employees who are not happy. The principles of Jay Baer's Huge Your Haters, comes to mind.

This is just one example. Zoho showed us over 20 specific business cases where AI can help its customers and I'm sure there's many more use cases.

I have a small company, just me and about 5 other team members. As a smaller company we MUST maximize every hour of our day and every bit of energy.

We actively seek automated and smart solutions to make our day to day work easier.

What about you?

If you're not leverage smart software solutions to power your company, you can be sure that your competitors are.


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