You're Not Apple. Get Over It. How To Get Attention For Your Business.

Yesterday I was listening to the huge coverage of Apple's announcement in regard to them getting into the original content business with Apple TV Plus. This is a very crowded market that Hulu, Amazon and many of the networks are already in, in one way or another.

Of course because it's Apple this was a big news event and deservedly so.

It got me thinking, however, what about those companies - that's just about EVERY BUSINESS - who are not a household marquee name.

How do we get attention for our businesses?

A lot of this I shared in my new book "Celebrity CEO - How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive by Building Community and a Strong Personal Brand", but here's a few things to keep in mind.

Facebook can change the color of its home page and that will be news. Google can hire a new executive and that will be news.

That's not gonna work for YOU.

There's 3 kinds of attention you should consider.

The Attention of Those Who Already Know You

You already have customers, you already have family, you already have friends, you already have fellow church members.

They already know, like and trust you.

How can you perfect your sales pitch? How can you find out their needs? How can you best SERVE and EDUCATE them, to get them to buy from you. How?

These are people who you don't have to convince that you're not a crook or earn their trust. So work hard to get the attention of THIS first group.

Also, maybe they don't need to buy from you.

What can you do to get them to REFER business to you? I shared about referrals in this Facebook post.

The Attention Of Those Who Follow You

In this third group they don't really know you, but you can meet them at networking events, they might follow you one on of the social networks.

What can you do to be more VISIBLE and ADD MORE VALUE to people who observe you on the periphery.

How can you be more RELEVANT TO THEM. How can you educate them a bit more, entertain them a bit more so they want to be a part of your fan base.

What Talk Triggers (Jay Baer writes about this) can you develop to get people to take notice and talk about your business more.

The Attention of Influencers

This group could be the hardest group to get the attention of, but it's doable.

How can you get journalists, bloggers, reporters and others to take notice of you and your business.

My friend Jess Todfeld writes and teaches about this, also Geeta Nadkarni and Selena Soo.

What is so special about you that the "media" will take notice and want to share about it with their audience?

So stop trying to be like Apple. You can't. Instead focus on those you know, those you know a little less and then how to do work so GOOD, how to focus so much on your customers that profits increase, referrals increase and people start to talk about you more and more.

This is how you get attention. Apple or not.

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