Zoho Research Finds Your Tech is Not Covid Ready. 9 Things To Do.

For the last several months, many of us "knowledge workers" have been working from home and/or for sure differently than we've been working the past several years. I suspect you've bought more technology - hardware and software, to help you adjust to working from home and not being in "the office".

From the Zoho press release, the study was conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic, when employees around the world had transitioned to remote work. Analysis of the overall results, which are some of the first to emerge from the pandemic, found that while companies excelled in the areas of traditional management, technology systems were rated by employees as outdated and inefficient for company performance.

The April 2020 study by Beagle Research Group surveyed more than 500 employees at businesses of varying sizes and industries throughout North America. Participants gave their companies high marks in areas of goal setting, alignment, and inspiring performance — meaning that even with the disruption of office closures, workers feel supported by and aligned with their employer while working remotely.

"Going to the office, as a concept, started during the Industrial Revolution, when workers needed to travel to factories to use heavy equipment," said Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho. "With the cloud, with online tools accessible from anywhere, including your home, we are back to a pre-Industrial Revolution era. This means that the right tools have to be made available for employees to be productive. Unfortunately, as the survey finds out, this is not currently the case. This has to change for employees to be successful."

How to solve this? Tips from Ramon.

  1. Ask others in your business what they're doing
  2. Identify the key pain points you're having
  3. Consider what technology you need to upgrade
  4. Is your main computer new, fast enough
  5. Should you invest in a second monitor
  6. What hardware accessories are you using, do you need
  7. What software are you using or need to invest in
  8. Should you or your team invest in training for software you're using

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