Your Customers WANT to Be Sold More from You. Are You Maximizing Their Trust?

I was producing the 11th or 12th Smart Hustle Small Business Conference when one of my sponsors reached out and said they had some extra budget and wanted to invest it with me. They had already invested in the conference but they wanted to know what MORE could I offer to help them reach MORE customers. So I was able to help them with an upgraded offering.

My point?

Your customers already love you, trust you and want to work with you. If you're offering them only a LIMITED set of services you're doing a disservice to them. You should be offering them as much as you can, within the limits of your ability to produce a quality product and of course that's in line with your business goals.

Harvard Business Review writes about Netflix and it's "bundling".

I'm going to use this example in a different way.

If you're an accountant, offering traditional accounting services to your customers, that's good.

But why not also offering training, book keeping and OTHER back office services that can help your customers? Why not PARTNER with other businesses who can even provide ancillary services to your customers.

Instead of offering just "one thing" to your customers, see what their needs are and how you can fulfill their needs.

Once you EARN a customers trust, you can make both of you very happy.

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