Why Employee Appreciation Matters

So many times companies focus on giving their employees raises to show appreciation but there's so many other things they can do, that might matter more.

Often times it's not money that keeps an employee (or freelancer team member) wanting to working with you, it's just them knowing that you care and appreciate them.

For the last year, I've been focused on this more for my own team.

Sure, I've started four companies and sold two of them, but only more recently have I really been doing more to show APPRECIATION.

My intent is not just to pay my team but to also show and express appreciation.

I remember my time at the United Nations a few years ago. My boss put his hand on my shoulder and in his deep voiced, French accent said to me, "Ramon, I appreciate you." It meant the world to me and I remember it to this day.

Here's a few things you can do to show appreciation for your team.

  1. Just say it. On a regular basis just tell your team that you appreciate them.
  2. Find reasons to complement your staff, especially in front of others.
  3. Send a thank you card and hand written note.
  4. Encourage others in your company to show appreciation to their team members.
  5. Mandate that all company leaders also show appreciate to their direct reports.

Looking for some good books to read?

Check out Rising Above a Toxic Workplace, Make Their Day, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

PS - I even take appreciation beyond just the workplace but I also send thank you cards throughout the month to a variety of people I interact with!

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