What's App for Business Speeds Up Customer Communication

More than 50 million business users are using What's App for Business. While many of us in the USA are using websites, Facebook, Shopify and other tools for ecommerce and communicating with our customers, there's millions of businesses across the USA who are using What's App. They're already using it to chat and connect with friends and family - they're also using it to communicate with their customers.

Speed is often one of the most important traits a business can have. When a customer has a question, it's often how FAST the business owner answers that determines a sale or not.

If a customer wants to be in touch with a What's App for business user, typing in a long telephone number is prone to mistakes and is slow. However, holding one's phone up to a QR code is so much faster. Now business owners can display their QR code on their storefront and everywhere else and make it faster for customers to access their What's App profile and have pre-populated message greeting the customer.

In a second announcement, to make it easier for people to discover products, we’re making catalogs and individual items available to be shared as links on websites, Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere. If people want to share a catalog or item they find with friends or family, they can simply copy the link and send it on WhatsApp or other places as well.

While these two announcements are not huge, it's important to note that business owners, in the USA and worldwide have a variety of options to start and grow their businesses and communicate with customers.

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