Video Tip: How to Rule the World of Online Shopping

Running an online retail store comes with a variety of challenges. With over 275,000 online retail businesses operating in over 150 countries, the competition is immense. So how does an eCommerce business rise above the noise to reach customers who are doing some online shopping and increase online sales?

Brennan Loh, Director of Business Development at Shopify, an eCommerce platform designed to help small businesses sell across a number of platforms, including online, social media, and in-store, shares a couple of quick tips every online retailer should know in this short video interview.

Create a Strong Branded Presence

One thing that separates highly successful online retailers from those who struggle is the presence of a strong, recognizable brand that is carried across all of their online platforms. A strong brand creates recognition and allows people to connect better with your business. Make sure you are leaving an impressionable mark, so people truly get to know you and your products!

Unconventional Selling Strategies

Another way some retailers are finding success is by leveraging platforms that haven’t been over utilized yet. Some examples include Snapchat, Facebook Live Streaming, and other platforms that are opening up to the opportunity to reach potential customers.

Show Up Where Your Customers Are

Don’t make your customers search for you, instead turn up where they hang out and allow them the opportunity to interact with your brand. They may find you on Pinterest on their mobile phone, but then want to purchase using their tablet at home using Facebook Messenger. It is essential that online retailers become agile with how and where they are selling their products.

Excellent Customer Service

One thing that will NEVER change, but because of the amount of competition in the marketplace is increasing, is the need to provide excellent customer service. Allow customers ways to communicate with you that are immediate, and they are comfortable with. This may include Facebook Messenger or online chat.

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