I Don't Like How I Look. How Can I Use Video in my Business?

A question I'm often asked is, "how can I use video in my business if I don't like how I look".

At today's Small Business Administration (SBA) New York City Social Media Workshop, which Ramon Ray keynoted, he was asked this question by an attendee.

He was sharing on the importance of video and how it humanizes and personalizes one's brand.

Three kinds of video every business owner should have

  • Sizzle. A¬†professional video which showcases you and your business.
  • Education. Which you use to educate your customers, prospective customers and fan base.
  • Personal. Which gives people a bit of personal insight into you "out of business".

Three Ways To Not Be Seen on Video

  1. Interview others. You don't have to be on camera, but the person you're interviewing can be on camera.
  2. Consider audio only. Use your smartphone or a podcast service to do audio only interviews.
  3. Don't do audio or video, but just a regular blog post.

There's many ways to build your fan base and educate your audience without video.

Indeed I think video is best, but it might not be for you and that's ok.


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