Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation Tips and Best Practices from Infusionsoft Guru Tyler Garns

Many small business owners I encounter tell me that digital marketing and marketing automation are two areas that completely evade them. Sure they are doing what they can, but for so many, marketing isn't their forte, and hiring a marketing expert is often times outside their budget. So, what's a small business owner to do?

Let's start by picking the brain of a marketing expert like Tyler Garns. Tyler is the CEO and Founder of Boxout Marketing, a marketing agency that specializes in marketing automation. More specifically, they work with Infusionsoft users and assist them with building launch campaigns and automation follow-ups. I caught up with Tyler at ICON17, Infusionsoft's annual small business conference, where he shared with me some great tips on how to approach digital marketing and marketing automation and also how to find a digital marketer you can work with.

Check out our video interview to hear all of Tyler's great tips and keep reading below.

Marketing Tips and Best Practices

Tyler shares quite a few tips in this short video. Here's an overview

1. Forget about what you think you know about your industry and products.

Just spewing your product's features and benefits will not help sell your product or service. Instead, dig into how what you are selling impacts the customer's life.

2. Use the MMM Method

The key to marketing a product or service lies in the MMM method: Market to Message Match.

First - figure out the market you are selling to.

Second - figure out your message (look at #1 above!)

Third - figure out your offer. Get that...the offer comes last!

3. To find a digital marketing team that can help you, go back to your message.

If you are ready to hire a digital marketing team or person, interview them to find out what their expertise is. Are they more experienced in advertising or helping to develop your marketing message? Know what your message is and what you need and then find the right person(s) who fit the bill.

4. To get the most out of marketing automation, have a fast track, slow track and don't let anyone slip through the cracks! 

As Tyler explains, when creating your marketing automation you need to keep three basic things in mind:

  1. Fast Track: some people will come to your site and are ready to buy. Make sure that they can without having to go through a long drawn-out sales process.
  2. Slow Track: some people need to be nurtured until they trust you and are ready to purchase. Design a messaging series for them that provides the value and trust they need.
  3. Watch the Cracks: make sure no one falls through the cracks. If they come to your site and sign up to engage with you, don't lose them after one campaign finishes. Make sure they are continually receiving information from you.

For more great insights from Tyler, make sure you watch the full video above.

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