Ramon Trains His First Entry Level Team Member. 5 Key Take Aways

For just about all the companies I've started I've hired and worked with team members who came with years of expertise in what I needed. Web developers, accountants, bloggers, video editors and etc. However, recently, I've hired my first production assistant, an entry level position. The person I hired had to be smart, willing to work hard and quickly learn, but that's it.

They didn't need to know about video editing, blogging, WordPress or etc. I'd help them learn these skills.

I've learned and appreciated so much about the power of training.

While many of us focus on the tactical skills of starting and growing a business, such as marketing, advertising, inventory, operations, technology, hiring and etc, we need to focus more on LEADERSHIP.

Training takes time.

Since this is an entry level person I'm taking a LOT of my time training them how to do their job. Not just how to do their job but how to do it the right way for Smart Hustle and with my subjectivity.

Training takes commitment.

I have to remind myself that I'm training someone who does not have the 20+ years of experience in business or in content production that I do. So it takes a consistent commitment on MY part to do it every day for the next several days to train them. Answering many questions and making many corrections.

Training is an investment.

There's the time invested into training someone but also the money that I'm paying them while they're learning. For the first few weeks they are not going to be skilled at doing their responsibilities, it'll take them a while to be trained and up to speed.

Train Trainers

If you're just training one person, you're kind of wasting your time. Instead, train people who can take their skills and train others. This gives you the freedom to do other things in your business.

Train properly. No shortcuts.

As you train, be sure to train properly. Don't pass down bad habits. Train with excellence.

There's nothing more fulfilling than training someone, seeing them blossom and grow and go on to success in life and business and more.

Take your time, train, train right and watch your business grow.

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