Tips for Success from G, of G Photography

Switching gears from chatting with folks on the Salesforce team, Ramon got a chance to talk with Gwendolyn Houston-Jack, (also known as G) from G Photography. Gwendolyn is a business owner who fully believes in technology and investing in yourself and your business. She’s been in business for seven years and during her short talk with Ramon gave us a lot of great takeaways.

Tips for Small Business Success

#1: Invest in Yourself

Gwendolyn’s first piece of advice is to invest in yourself. That means continuing to be educated in your skill as well as how to manage and run a business. For many business owners, the skill they offer (a service or a product) comes natural to them. It’s the foundation behind their business. But running a business and being able to manage all of the moving parts is actually a skill on its own. Don’t become comfortable where you are, always set goals so that you’re continually reaching for the next level. There’s always something we can better at, even if it’s just having a better understanding of how another piece of the business works.

#2: Utilize Technology

Technology isn’t just for big businesses, and it’s not just for those who are very technically savvy. The right technology (think software and tools) can hold you accountable in your sales process, your billing, and even your follow up after you start working with a new customer. Sticky notes and excel sheets will always be an easy go-to, but don’t rely on them to help you run your business. 

#3: Create Your Own Definition of Success

As Gwendolyn says, everyone is running their own race, so it’s important not to get caught up in what other people are doing — focus on your own race and your own goals. We all move at a different pace, there is no right or wrong time frame to grow your business. If our eyes are always focused on what other people are doing, we will never feel satisfied with our own achievements. Create your own definition of success by setting goals and focusing your energy on hitting them, even if they look different than someone elses. 

About G

Gwendolyn received a Pixie 110 camera as a holiday gift, but it became her outlet for documenting the world. Should found that photography allowed her to view life through an entirely new pair of eyes. She’s a portrait artist specializing in creating modern, lifestyle wall art of families and individuals. She services the Arlington, DFW, and Houston surrounding area and concentrates on curating and decorating homes with printed moments.

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