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Smart Women, Smart Hustle – New Events, Community and Content

Women-owned and women-led businesses are on the rise. Female founders are not a “niche” category but a powerful community of leaders and executives who are increasingly starting companies, seeking funding, living their dreams, providing for their families, employing others and thriving.

Smart Hustle Media, founded by entrepreneur, speaker, and author Ramon Ray has launched a brand new education series, Smart Women. Smart Hustle. This consists of CONTENT, EVENTS, and COMMUNITY!

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Overall, Smart Hustle is featuring and producing more content specifically for female founders to help them better compete and learn the particular skills they need to be better leaders, executives, mentors, and entrepreneurs.  

You can see this content on the smart women tab of

In partnership with Liz Caruso, of Liz King Events, Smart Hustle has also launched a community for female founders. Consisting of live video discussions, private community and more, the Smart Women, Smart Hustle community is tailored for today’s woman business owner. 

Sign up today.

Become a founding member of Smart Women,  Smart Hustle community and lock in our rate of $20/month through Sept. 30, 2019. You’ll also get FREE access to our new virtual women’s conference! 

Taking place in September is the first Smart Women, Smart Hustle conference. 

This women’s business conference takes place on Thursday. Sept. 19, 2019.

Register today. Speakers include Carolyn Herfurth, CEO of Stratica, Inc.; Dawn Dickson, Inventor. 4X Founder, Keynote Speaker, & CEO of PopCom. Carol Roth, Billion-dollar Dealmaker, Creator of the Future File Legacy Planning System, & TV personality; Becca Brown, Inventor, entrepreneur, Shark Tank contestant, speaker, and adviser. Cofounder of shoe accessories brand, Solemates, Sarah Vaynerman, Founder & CEO of Work From Om–and more!

The conference will provide detailed information from experts about:


  • Heart-Led Marketing & Branding  
  • Finance
  • Scaling Up
  • Work/Life Balance

Smart Women. Smart Hustle

Women-owned businesses are on the rise with over 11 million businesses being owned by women accounting for 39% of all business owners in the U.S. But, so much of the business content out there is written for, and by, men. We’re setting out to change that. 

Ramon says, “I have a guys’ brain but often want a woman’s perspective.”  Women’s perspectives in business are often different and that is important. 

While Smart Hustle Media focuses on content for business owners in general, Smart Women. Smart Hustle will focus on aspects of the business world that apply exclusively to women. Things that pertain specifically to women when they are starting, running, and growing a business. We think this is paramount because women have experiences and challenges they face, that men simply don’t, and we want to shed some light on those topics. Including:


Work/Life Balance: women are more likely to have to balance running their business with taking care of kids/family. For some entrepreneurs, in addition to children and work, they also have to manage taking care of aging parents. 

Maternity Leave & Pregnancy: Women have to handle maternity leave differently than men.  Paternity leave isn’t always offered and is not as ‘normalized’ in our society.

Negotiation: Women often don’t feel as empowered as men during negotiations due to a number of different factors.

Pricing: Women are more likely than men to undercharge what they’re worth. 

Confronting Imposter Syndrome: Even with years of expertise and credentials, imposter syndrome can creep in, especially for women. 

Conversely, we will also discuss areas where women tend to exceed. For example, aligning business with vision and goals, working from the heart, etc. 

To go along with that, we will also address some things that men can learn from women. How to think, how to be more empathetic, more nurturing, how to better leverage each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and being aware of the challenges and experiences of women in business. Through Smart Women. Smart Hustle, both men and women will be able to better support their fellow female founders and business owners as well as become better business owners themselves.

Check out Smart Woman. Smart Hustle.  a new community and event for female founders. Our latest content focused on women business owners is here.


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