Time Management - The Trap of Every Entrepreneur

Time Management - The Trap of Every Entrepreneur

The Sharks on Shark Tank often speak about TIME. When they don't make an investment, they often say, "this investment will take too much of my time". Even if it's a great idea - if it takes too much of their time, they often won't invest.

Those of us in the smart hustle community surely know that TIME is one thing we never have enough of, that we can never get back and that we must preciously manage.

There's a few things we can do to help us better manage our time.

One is learning to say no. One of my problems is I say YES way too much and then wonder why my life is SO FULL.

The second thing we can do is to get rid of things that waste our time. If you have a business to run, if you're in the midst of the HUSTLE and have to help make your baby LIVE (so it does not die) you have to put on hold hanging out with friends, watching movies, and anything else that is not a direct benefit to your business. What about your family, you might ask? You MIGHT have to ask them to see a bit less of you while you get your business on track.

DIGRESSION - For many of us, if we don't have our business on track - we won't eat. I know that feeling very, very well. Only a few years ago my wife would tell me how much money we had in our bank account. I had just been fired from the United Nations (for running Smallbiztechnology.com) and I had only a bit of money in the bank - so I HAD to make it work.

The third and final thing we can do is to ensure we use mental and technical tools to better manage our time. I use ASANA and an organized desk to ensure I don't forget important things and can do everything I have to do.

What do you do to better manage YOUR TIME?

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