Can Business Insurance Be Simple? New Service by THREE Thinks So.

Insurance, business or personal is messy. It comes with lots of legalese, lots of paper and it's a pain to wade through and understand. A relatively new company, THREE is out to reimagine business insurance for small businesses, THREE makes the process easy and simple. You answer about 20 questions and in a few minutes are presented with a simple and comprehensive 3 page small business insurance policy.

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Dave Stanard, who leads THREE, a new offering from Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group, explained to me that most insurance companies put all of the burden on the small Dave Stanard Headshotbusiness owner. Instead THREE puts the responsibility on themselves. THREE knows the coverage that most businesses need. Instead of giving you headaches thinking of every conceivable problem, THREE throws in just about every coverage they can and gives you lots of coverage.

They want you to trust them and they want to trust you. It's like a Marcus Lemonis, The Profit, partnership.

Many business owners seek  insurance agents to help them explain the insurance policies and review them and the options. For most business owners, they don't need all the complexity. THREE makes it easy to go online, answer questions and quickly get insurance.

THREE has a hotline you can call with questions about insurance, risk and etc.

Maybe you've been hacked. Maybe you haven't. THREE can help.

Today's business climate is different than it was 20 or 50 years ago. THREE also covers sexual harassment claims, "#MeToo". Indeed make sure you HIRE right and hire people who do their best to do good, but things happen, law suits occur. It's not just hacking, fire and car crashes you need to worry about. But also person to person challenges. Comprehensive insurance can help.

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