The State of Websites and Smaller Businesses - Survey

From Visual Objects - Visual Objects surveyed 529 small businesses about whether they have a website, why they have a website, and how they maintain their website.

Websites are a natural extension for small businesses into the digital space. Almost 40% of small businesses, however, choose not to invest in a website due to concerns about cost and relevance. Websites establish legitimacy for small businesses, and this report shows that businesses can create a basic website without significant budgetary strain.

Websites are a critical part of a small business marketing strategy because of their ability to enhance legitimacy and build trust with a variety of consumers.

Websites often serve as potential customers’ impression of a company, and people rely on a digital presence to determine if a company is real and reputable.

Businesses can use this report to understand the importance of investing time and resources in creating a website and how to confront the challenges and costs of doing so.

Read full report here

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