The ONLY Way To Get Good Is Practice. Lessons from Basketball.

I was reading this WSJ article about the app HomeCourt which helps basketball players track their shots. In essence the more you practice the better you'll get. The story shares how some have goals to shoot 100,000 times in a year.

Often times I'm asked, Ramon, how did you get good at public speaking and hosting events. Same answer.


By making mistakes, screwing up and getting better and better and better, you're able to perfect anything that's important to you. Even things that are not so important to you.

One of my weak areas is finance. I've made it a practice to study more about finance. Reading material from Chris Hogan part of Dave Ramsey's team and Profit First from Mike Michalowicz and going to free courses at the library or a local college.

Absolutely read and study.

But the best way to perfect the art of hustle, smart hustle, is by practice. And guess what, you'll never be perfect. Read Seth Godin's piece about perfection.

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