Technology Is Not Everything. It Could Ruin Your Business.

Over the past 20 or more years, we've been inundated that technology is the "be all" for our businesses. Technology IS important. However, don't think that just by implementing technology you'll have success business.

The WSJ writes about the tech treadmill that many companies are on. Once they implement a great technology they must keep it up and running and making it better.

Technology does help us all save time, save money and be more productive. However, it's MORE important to train staff in how to build relationships with customers. It's more important to train our SALES teams (and ourselves) in how to sell better. It's MORE important to ensure that we're being good leaders.

As you seek to implement that latest and great technology be sure to don't implement so much tech that you forget about the human dimensions of your customers and employees.

For sure use AI, IoT, business analytics, marketing automation, personalize software and more. But don't let your brand get lost in technology adaptation.

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