"Sweet" Hustle and Business Tips from Founder & CEO of Sweet Riot, Sarah Endline

"Sweet" Hustle and Business Tips from Founder & CEO of Sweet Riot, Sarah Endline

Sarah Endline, Founder and CEO of sweetriot, is more than just the "Chief Rioter" of a deliciously sweet and healthy chocolate. She's the hub behind a movement, sweet movement if you will, to help fix the world.

As Sarah so enthusiastically answered each of my questions, her passion for her business and the mission that sweetriot stands for completely took over.

"We create products that have change woven into them" says Sarah. Each and every one of their chocolates is created to make a difference. Not only do they use all natural and organic ingredients, but every time their products are sold they go above and beyond to give back and support Latin American farmers.


In addition to her sweet movement, Sarah also shared with me some tips and advice for running a successful business. Here are a few of the highlights from the video:

Hiring New Employees

Sarah emphasizes that when it comes to hiring new employees, it's important that they remember that they are joining a team, they're not joining a job. At sweetriot, Sarah has two main processes for hiring new employees. These include her "Riot-tation" and "Riot-bation", which she explains in further detail in the interview.

Marketing Strategies

Known as the social media Queen, Sarah knows a thing or two about marketing for businesses. Here are two key factors that Sarah shares to having a successful marketing campaign:

  • Identify your story - Know your "Riot Soul". What's the purpose of your business? Why was it created? What does it stand for?
  • Authenticity sells - When people can see how passionate and driven you are about your business, it becomes contagious and they get excited about your business too.

Hustle Tip:

"You've got to show up". You can't create a real presence in the marketplace if you're not there, so take a chance and put yourself out there to make your business known and your story heard.

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