VIDEO: A Salute To Three Businesses Who Focus on Sustainable Development

On Ramon's recent Facebook Live with HelloAlice he saluted three business owners who are building businesses focused on sustainability. The three companies are Pathwater, Staci's Pita Chips, and Veggie Pod.

What I learned about these companies, and others like them, is that entrepreneurs can make money, build profit and grow a thriving business and yet have it still focused on doing good for the environment and our bodies.

As quoted in the HelloAlice article:

With this, Pathwater has found an envious marriage of brand and mission (Bakour says the company is contemplating a transition to a B corporation focused on social responsibility). High profile investments from celebrities including NFL star Vernon Davis, actress Tamera Mowry, and basketball player Festus Ezeli show that others think Pathwater is on to something, too.

Beyond more traditional sales, many of these companies have focused on building thriving communities around their MISSIONS and finding people who want to support that mission and live a like minded lifestyle

Building a fan base is so important.

It’s a winning idea. But unless you live in northern California, you probably haven’t seen Veggie Pod in stores. Why? Paniagua is purposely taking things slowly and gaining fans in person. Since launching Veggie Pod last March, the Paniaguas have won fans the old-fashioned way: with tastings in local markets. “We get out and talk to people every week by doing demos,” Paniagua says. “We’re growing organically instead of jumping into say, Costco.”

These entrepreneurs are serious business owners. and innovation is one secret of their success.

The lesson to learn from Madison? Never stop innovating. The latest example is the launch of her BeBOLD bars, energy bars available in almond butter and peanut butter flavors. “We’re taking the same philosophy as when starting Stacy’s Pita Chip Company and applying it to redefine the bar category. Our success was built upon trusted ingredients and creating a great product,” says Madison. “There are certainly shelf stable bars that taste great and have been around forever, but we’ve taken that to the next level with fresh ingredients. That’s why BeBOLD bars are refrigerated and typically found in the yogurt, dairy, or produce sections of the store.”


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