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Successful 12-Year Old Beverage Entrepreneur Shares Her Best Business Tips

Successful 12-Year Old Beverage Entrepreneur Shares Her Best Business Tips

Would you follow business tips from a 12-year-old?

What if I told you that 12-year-old has her own company, scored a $60K investment from Daymond John on Shark Tank, landed a contract with Whole Foods, secured a multimillion dollar expanded distribution deal with United Natural Foods, and has received endless awards, honors, and publicity?

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Now that I have your attention, I would like to introduce you to my latest interview guest, Mikaila Ulmer, the founder and CEO of Me & the Bees Lemonade. The idea for the business came when Mikaila was just four years old and had a burning desire to help save the bees. I spoke to the now 12-year-old Mikaila during SXSW 2017, as well as her mom, the company’s CMO D’Andra Ulmer. While D’Andra filled us in on the story behind the business, I decided to ask Mikaila her business advice for both kids and adults.

Business Tips for Kid Entrepreneurs: Don’t Let Age Get to You

When asked what advice she would share with other kids, Mikaila quickly responded that kids shouldn’t let their age get to them. Some people think kids aren’t capable of starting their own businesses, but that simply isn’t true. Mikaila says she started her company “to help save the bees and to encourage other kids to become entrepreneurs like me.”

Once self-doubt is overcome, Mikaila advises kids to create a business that they are passionate about. Passion means you’ll have more fun doing it, and having more fun means that you will learn a lot and make a big impact.

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Advice for Adult Business Owners: Dream like a Kid

Mikaila’s encouraging words for kid entrepreneurs made me wonder what advice she would give to adults who are trying to bring their business ideas to life. She advises adults to keep dreaming and brainstorming like a kid. Don’t squash your big ideas; pursue them and worry about the gritty details later.

“One thing that I notice is that adults seem to dream like kids because as a kid you don’t have boundaries.”

Get more of Mikaila’s advice by clicking PLAY on the video above, plus check out our other SXSW 2017 coverage here.

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