Stop Trying To Be The Best. Be Different. Comedian Accountant Shares His Advice.

So many professionals strive to be the best. The best is impossible says John Garret of Green Apple Podcast, there can be only one "best". However, we can ALL be different. It's also important to realize that for MOST people, it's a given that we're "the best". I've never heard someone sell themselves by saying, "we're mediocre, please hire us.". However, sharing HOW YOU ARE DIFFERENT is often what's lacking.

In our discussion, at Intuit's Quickbooks Connect John also shares how being different means letting your customers, your prospective customers, your tribe, know a bit about you personally. Do you ice skate? cook? Can you sneeze more than anyone?

John's message resonates not only with accountants, who are often so much "the same" but also with other professionals who's brand is very plain and often "boring".

While you might not be as spunky as lawyer Rachel Rodgers, we can all strive to be different in our own way. Like John - he's different.

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