Square Launches Self-Ordering System for Restaurants Powered by QR codes

Square is giving food businesses a new way to thrive during the pandemic through its launch of a self-ordering system for restaurants powered by QR codes.

The self-serve ordering system powered by Square Online makes the ordering experience more efficient. Clients scan the restaurant’s QR code on their personal devices. The code leads the user to a mobile-optimized ordering page, where clients choose their order.

Once completing the order, the information is received at the restaurant’s point of sale and the kitchen printers. Once the order is ready, a server uses the table identifier attached to the order to identify which table to deliver the order to.

The new feature is now available to Square Online sellers in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

Increasing Safety

The self-ordering system for restaurants gives both customers and staff more peace of mind by helping limit contact and increase safety.

"Self-serve ordering on Square Online has made it easy for guests to safely, and seamlessly place orders using just their mobile phone and a QR code,” says Jeff Krupman, owner of Pizzahacker in Mill Valley, California.

The system limits unnecessary interactions and shares surfaces.

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Boosting the Bottom Line

Krupman says that the system also improves efficiency. For example, it makes it easier to flag down a waiter, pay the bill, split a check, or order more. It also boosts order accuracy and cuts wait times.

Square says that by increasing table turn times and reducing labor costs, the new feature adds to a restaurant’s bottom line. That’s especially important during a crisis like the pandemic, when sales have dipped.

Square Online sellers can also collect customer information on sales made through self-serve ordering. That means they can gain insights on their customers, as well as nurture better customer relationships. That can be done through Square Loyalty and Square Marketing.

Critical to Recovery

Ramon Ray says that new technologies and the help of established technology companies are key to helping businesses recover and thrive.

Square’s QR-powered self-serve ordering tool is an example of how big companies are helping smaller companies face the challenge.

Ramon says, “It's companies like Square who are essential for small businesses to thrive once again in a post-COVID economy and world.”

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