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OM – Organic Mixology

om-organic-mixology-85113552Jason Monkarsh had a problem. He wanted to create a specialty cocktail for his wife but couldn’t do it on his own. So he turned to Natalie Bovis - a mixology consultant, food and beverage educator, and cocktail book author - to help him develop a product to demystify the process. The result: OM, a company producing a line of organic liqueurs, made in Michigan.

The craft cocktails, a hybrid or premium organic vodka and all-natural sweeteners, are earth-friendly in packaging and composition. Their unique flavors include Coconut Lychee, Meyer Lemon Ginger, Cranberry Blood Orange and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. And if being made in the U.S and being totally organic weren’t enough, OM also partners with Trees for the Future and plants one tree in Africa for every bottle mixology

“Manufacturing in the U.S. has a number of benefits for us. These include the ability to visit the manufacturing facility, no down time in communication due to time zone differences, and increased turnaround time for receiving product,” explains Jason. “Beyond that, manufacturing in Michigan has spurred a local following for us in the Midwest and has definitely made a difference for us in terms of consumer trust of the brand.”

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Jason’s advice on weighing costs:
“With some products there may be cost savings in manufacturing overseas, but for our product the cost to manufacture in the States is actually less when you factor in shipping and import taxes. Not to mention the value of time being able to not have to plan production runs so far in advanced to account for long shipping times, and the value of being able to see your manufacturing partners face to face by hopping in the car or taking a few hour flight. I advise people to really do their research before producing something overseas, and to factor in other things that may add to the cost, including your time and peace of mind.”

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