Small Business Blogging Essentials

Small Business Blogging Essentials

You know how to get started with social media in your business and now you want to delve into the world of blogging. Blogging can have a positive impact on a business owner’s online presence when done with consistency.  In addition, there are SEO advantages when your business website has a blog.  More pages and relevant content on your website adds value for SEO and proves credibility. An important SEO strategy, blogging is ideal to use to engage your ideal buyers. -- and generate leads and website traffic.

Consider these four tips to create a powerful business blog campaign specific to small business owners that can help generate leads and website traffic.

Concentrate on your current audience.

It’s likely you already know your existing audience. Writing for consumers who have already purchased from you should be simple– you already know what they like. Do some research on social networks to find out particular interests within your social media network.  Social media platforms are a terrific way to test your content. If you post on Facebook and receive a good amount of interest (comments and likes), you could take that topic and elaborate on it and write a blog post.

Blog regularly and always place quality over quantity.

Consistency with blogging is a priority.  Remember that sometimes in business writing, less is more. Keep your posts interesting, high quality, related to your business’ website and SEO friendly.  Write with a goal in mind for your readers, take time to research what is trending and have a writing style. Always proofread your posts too.

See what’s trending.

You may not know how to find trending blog topics that will peak your reader's interest, but you can learn. Try to find a topic that’s trending and relevant to your business, industry or audience. Make sure to write a post about this topic.  If the subject can cause some controversy, go ahead and discuss it. Remember that not everyone will have the same opinion as you. Keep things objective, professional and report the facts – the comments are a better place for people to debate.

Always promote your blog.

If you just posted, next on your agenda should be to promote it. Use social media, your email campaign, tell your friends and network with other bloggers in your industry to get the word out about your blog. Always respond to every comment to keep your readers engaged – and don’t forget to thank them.

Every blog post you write can help your business.  Use images to invite people to read your posts and encourage your readers to keep reading. Always have a call to action and keep it subtle so your readers aren’t turned off from your post. Remember to have patience. Seeing results from your blog won’t happen overnight, but consistency should pay off over time.

What small business blogging tips have helped you earn new customers?

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