Problem Solving. Big Problems Often Need Simple Solutions. 5 Tips.

Often times it's the biggest problems that require the simplest solutions. Part of the discovery of the solution is to ask, "WHY" several times. Problem solving doesn't have to be messy.

For example. Are there issues with cash flow. Why? Customers are not paying. Why? They are not getting invoices. Why? The business owner is not making the time to send invoices.

Solution? Build in an hour each week to invoice your clients, or automate invoicing them after after project is done.

In this example, simply scheduling an hour of time per week, could generate tens of thousands of dollars of income every month.

I recently shared on YouTube (and Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), how my chair was squeaking. Make so much noise. I was tempted to buy a new chair. Then I tried to tighten the screws, nothing worked. Guess what? I sprayed some WD40 on it - problem solve.

What about your business or your life?

Do you have big problems and think they require big solutions? Not always.

  1. Take time to ask WHY several times and go backwards to the ROOT of the problem.
  2. Take time to THINK about what's really happening as the problem occurs.
  3. Ask others for their input into what possible solutions could be.
  4. If the problem is with another human, sit down and speak with them outside of the argument.
  5. Write down what the problem is and see if you can have your own self-help session (this is part of step 2)

We all have problems, sometimes it's the simplest solutions that can get us the best result.

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