Show Up or Shut Up. If You Don't Put in the Work You Won't Succeed.

Too often we complain that our business is not growing the way it should. Too often we wonder why others seem to be passing us by. I find that SOMETIMES it's because we are not putting in the work. See the video below.

I know you're thinking to yourself - Ramon I work hard.

But are you working hard enough and are you working SMART enough? In a networking group - this principle of SHOWING UP is so important.

I was on a networking call today - with Adrian's Network and just from that call alone, I received so much. I also participate in another networking group, Shank Minds . Another group where I give a lot and receive a lot.

Here's my point. You must SHOW UP and DO THE WORK to make a difference.



Showing up once is not enough to build trust.

The more you show up, prove yourself and add value, the higher your trust and credibility go.

When you show up, you impact two sets of people that matter.

The first set is the "person in charge" (as it were). The host of the networking group, or the head of the local chamber or etc - they begin to know, like and trust you. They start to refer you to people, they recommend you to others, it's a lovely world. You don't have to sell yourself.

The second group are the "members".  When you "show up" and "do the work" the members trust you, the members recommend you and the members rave about it. They hear your name and begin to resonate more and more with what you do and who you are. Laura Allen, The Pitch Girl in two different calls over a span of a few days I heard several people RAVE about Laura and her work to help businesses get the perfect pitch for their business.


Networking in a networking group is not hard. It's about showing up, doing the work, adding value and being nice. Also respect the rules. Adrian Miller, founder of Adrian's Network says to pitch for 30 seconds - well don't be an idiot and have her have to shut you up.

Show up or Shut up.


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