Should I add Google+ to My Social Media Marketing Mix?

Should I add Google+ to My Social Media Marketing Mix?

Photo courtesy: LinkedIn

Photo courtesy: LinkedIn

This issue our expert mentor is Ben Fisher, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Steady Demand, an SEO and social marketing company. Ben’s been helping small businesses succeed online for 20 years.

Community Q: I’m a big proponent of social media; it’s helped me grow my small company. Twitter and Facebook are my go-to platforms, but I’m on the fence about Google+. I’ve heard good and bad things about it. Is it worth adding to my social media marketing mix? What are its main advantages? Is Google+ a good social media choice for Smart Hustlers?

Ben Fisher: The good you hear about Google+ is from users who have invested the time to really learn the basics and start truly engaging with like-minded folks. The bad, usually comes from those who approach the platform the same way they treat Facebook and Twitter. Google+ is a whole other beast—in a good way. What happens on Facebook and Twitter do not happen on Google+.

The main advantages: Instant discoverability in search; feeding Google information about your business, so when searches are done Google can show your company to the right person at the right time and place. Without Google+ this cannot really happen.

Google+ Hangouts are magical and allow for the creation of not only real relationships, but also teaches Google more about you and your company. Think of it as building authority and owning the audience versus having to always pay to play.

Just by being yourself, and by not selling, you build your reputation and authority. Via transparency, you are rewarded with better search rankings, and you get the opportunity to build a tribe that will carry your message...leading to more business!

Finally, we all have a finite time to GSD (Get Stuff Done). I look at Google+ as a way to get ROI (Return on Investment), Return on Engagement, spread my message, gain better rankings, gain new friends and business associates and get new customers and partners, faster and with higher quality than almost any marketing vehicle out there.

For Smart Hustlers my advice is: (Google+ enables you to) work smart, work fast and get the deepest impact with one post at a time.

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