Video - Masterminds and Loneliness While Working from Home

Working from home is new for some of us and not so new for others. I've been working from home for years. But if you're not used to working from home it can be lonely and unhealthy. Maybe you're used to working at a co-working space, going to a small office or even going to a local coffee shop. Now you can't do that.

Every Wednesday, at 4pm EST, I host a HelloAlice Facebook Live video. This weeks video was all about working from home.

Self Mastermind

I'm sure there's a much fancier term for this, but I call it self-mastermind. Many masterminds are with a group of people and led by someone. However, I find that on a regular basis, I like to just sit quietly and reflect and think

I use the quiet time to relax and contemplate my business.

What the near future holds, what are things I need to do that day, what are things I should have done last week and etc.

As I just sit, with a pen and paper nearby, I often leave that 5 or 10 minute session with some ideas or something major I forgot to do.

Maybe it's a thank you card I should send to someone. Maybe it's  a new way to do something in my business.


We humans were created by God to thrive with other humans. We love touching and being touched. We like laughing together and more.

However, working from home, that's hard to do.

Absolutely you can do that more with your family. But you might miss doing it professionally as well.

I highly suggest you sign up for one or more associations or communities that offer real-time networking via a phone call or video chat.

I've been a member of Adrian's Network for years, and enjoy it. We've started doing even MORE video networking these past few days.

HelloAlice communities are also a great place to connect with others.

Another tip, which I gave in the HelloAlice Facebook Live is to reach out and connect with others via FB Messenger, What's App or text. Wish somebody a happy birthday, text someone to let them know that you're thinking of them.

Working from home is only going to increase. Make the most of it.

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